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About Us

Healthy Prospects Occupational Medicine is a specialist level provider that can deliver a wide range of Occupational Health services to both larger and smaller organisations.

HPOM offers employers a full and comprehensive occupational and medical service, covering the full employment life-cycle to meet today's increasingly complex workplace legislative requirements.

With the flexibility to fit employers' individual requirements, HPOM will tailor services to each employer's needs. We can provide choices ranging from an on-going contract to cover combinations of all needs (medical assessments, advice, specific requirements) or ad-hoc service provision as required.

We are experienced across a wide range of industries and sectors, turning our professional skills to any working environment. 

HPOM is very well suited to providing a comprehensive service for any size employer and, with our connections across Sydney (ad further afield), we are readily able to deliver to SME clients and happy to provide low volume and ad-hoc services.

From diagnosis to treatment, rehabilitation and beyond, we have the facilities and expertise to care for a full range of common work-related injuries.

HPOM doctors can act as your Nominated Treating Doctor (NTD).  A nominated treating doctor is a medical practitioner you nominate to manage your recovery from injury and to assist in your safe recovery at/return to work. The nominated treating doctor plays a key role in the recovery and rehabilitation of people who are injured at work.

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Our Staff


Dr. Denis Mulkeen

Occupational Medicine Practitioner

Injury Management Consultant

Medical Review Officer

MB Bch BAO MRCSI FRACGP PgDipSports&ExerciseMed DOccMed MRO IMC

Having experienced a myriad of clinical roles, real life situations and people of diverse background, Dr Mulkeen has come quite a long way from from humble bucolic roots in Ireland. Since qualification as a Doctor a quarter century ago, he has gained considerable confidence & abilities in his chosen speciality of Occupational Medicine and is a sought after preferred medical provider and Injury Management Consultant such that these days he only concentrates on providing health care to clientele & personnel in corporate & industrial medicine environments. He has particular interest in logistics & transport, construction/civil engineering & manufacturing sectors.

Dr Mulkeen is particularly stimulated by creating crack multidisciplinary teams & his particular passion is, where injury occurs, to endeavour that that individual (as far as possible) is not subsequently condemned to more time in the Workers Compensation system than is required to put them back at or near where they were pre-injury. A major motivation for him is that injured workers do not suffer secondary psychological, social & spiritual harm through below par early management of injury, and that they also remain well at work through design of bespoke corporate wellness programmes.

In achieving "optimal health outcomes for workers (and their families) & employers'', he feels humbled and privileged every time he is placed in this position of great responsibility. And having come from humble background, being father to a reasonably sizeable family & having had experience of developing economies, Dr Mulkeen is sensitive to client budgets such that he will seek out only those clinical providers who share his values and who will deliver best return on investment for stakeholders charged with footing the healthcare bill as well as (obviously) for the injured party themselves.

Denis attends ongoing postgraduate conferences and training on a regular basis. He is accredited for Coal Board medicals, Rail medicals (Authorised Health Professional), Trucksafe (among others) as well as MRO and IMC responsibilities. Denis serves as a preferred medical provider for a number of large and not so large companies; some of these are well known Australian household names while others are small, local family businesses. Many are in the food and other manufacturing, logistics/transport, heavy industry, civil engineering & service industries. He also has interests in Travel & Preventive Medicine and is interested in educating workers and businesses regarding achieving best outcomes in return to work and corporate health and & wellness.

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Dr Sandra McBurnie

Occupational & Environmental Physician

Independent Medical Examiner

Authorised Health Practitioner (AHP) - SIRA

Accredited Assessor of Permanent Impairment


Originally hailing from Western Sydney, Sandra is a senior & highly experienced specialist Occupational Physician & Fellow of the Australasian Faculty of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (FAFOEM) having begun her career in full-time occupational medicine in 1987. This was after having previously worked in Emergency Medicine, General Practice and cardiac assessment environment. Sandra has experience in a variety of occupational settings including heavy industry (steel, aluminium and others), mining, agriculture, defence and emergency sectors including police services and fire & rescue. For many years she worked with the highly regarded Hunter Industrial Medicine practice in Maitland where she has supervised and trained many Occupational Medicine Registrars (trainee specialists en route to FAFOEM).

Sandra has served as NSW Director of Training for the Australasian Faculty of Occupational & Environmental Medicine (AFOEM). She is currently a member of the AFOEM NSW committee and the NSW representative on the AFOEM Council. 

She is a sought after Independent Medical & Medicolegal Examiner and is highly experienced in the determination of fitness for work and return to work, injury management and site assessment. She is particularly interested in Occupational Health surveillance and has worked on a number of research projects including with the University of Newcastle.

Sandra has also completed training in the application of the AMA Fourth 4th and 5th editions of the Guides To the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment. She has been appointed an Authorised Health Practitioner (AHP) with SIRA and is an Accredited Health Professional for Rail Safely Assessments.

Her calm personality, years of experience and thorough knowledge of workplace health, risks, hazards, legislation and challenges are invaluable assets to her patients and to corporate clientele.




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