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Work Health Partners/ WAHPs

HPOM works in collaboration with Work Health Partners (WAHPs). These are usually, though not exclusively or uniquely, Physiotherapists & Exercise Physiologists. Some share premises with us. All are clinicians who we feel share our clinical & ethical values in terms of achieving timely, prompt outcomes and avoiding pointless, passive, non-proven treatment modalities and over-servicing.

Clinicians or clinics are selected because of special interest in work injury management, similarity of vision and values, convenience to worker/employer and proven results.

Apart from mobile practitioners, HPOM has currently WAHPs multiple locations across metro Sydney, regional centres and interstate.

More locations are being added on a regular basis. Please contact us if you are a health practitioner (or health clinic owner) interested in becoming a WAHP. 


Q. Are WAHPs employees of HPOM?

A. No. These are independent practitioners and businesses that operate autonomously of HPOM in both a clinical and financial sense. WAHPs working within clinics run by HPOM will contribute rent either as a flat fee or a percent split, as per is the usual arrangement for tenants.

Q. Does HPOM receive a referral fee from WAHPs to whom HPOM practitioners refer?

A. No. This is illicit and is neither encouraged nor practiced. Likewise, we do not have such arrangements with employers, insurers, rehab groups, lawyers, unions or any other entities.

Q. Is HPOM responsible for negative outcomes of WAHPs?

A. No. WAHPs are independent practitioners operating their own clinical practices. By law they need to have appropriate registration with AHPRA and their own professional indemnity insurance.

Q. Does HPOM regularly review performance of WAHPs?

A. Yes. However, this is done informally. Consistent or significant negative reports from injured workers/employers will result that WAHP/clinic not receiving further referrals until such time as we can be satisfied that any shortfalls have been addressed.

Q. I am and employer or insurer with my/ own preferred physiotherapist, exercise physiologist - can we request that HPOM refer our employees preferentially to our preferred practitioner/ clinic?

A. Yes, certainly. However, we still expect optimal effort from the clinicians and they will be given honest feedback (as per elsewhere in this section) if we feel that there is room for improvement in their service.

Q. I am a Physiotherapist/ Exercise Physiologist/ Rehab Provider; if I make introductions of a company/ client to HPOM, can we be assured that you will refer their injured workers back to us rather than to your in-house clinicians?

A. Yes, unless there is a very good reason not to (such as geography/logistics). However, once again, once we start to share clientele/workload, if we feel that your service delivery can be improved we will be happy to provide this directly (and privately) to you in an objective, honest & professional manner. On the other hand, we would expect that you also similarly provide us with constructive feedback (by similar means) should it be required.
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