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The HPOM Difference - Injured Workers & Return to Work

Workplace Injury Management Program

At Healthy Prospects Occupational Medicine we have all the expertise to provide you with our complete early intervention injury management program. 

Benefits for injured workers

  • Early, easy and ongoing access to specialist injury management doctors
  • Prompt and timely appointments
  • Online and SMS booking with objective of giving you a level of control over this and avoiding protracted time spent waiting on phone
  • Our clinic is a specialist clinic, you will not need to wait in a typical GP waiting room
  • Every injury is high priority for us. This may not be the case in a GP clinic where your GP will likely be pressed for time and need (though necessity) to focus on people who are more ill than you
  • Knowledgeable practitioners working full time with work & sports injuries
  • Drs. with knowledge of worker's comp systems and the pitfalls
  • Access to our vetted & trusted network of therapists & specialists who can help you
  • You will be treated as an individual (not a number) and be given treatment and management needed by you and your injury rather in scripted or random fashion
  • We will assist in minimizing your down time and maximising your outcome
  • We avoid using therapists who will waste your time
  • We aim to minimise unnecessary disability
  • We offer transparency in communication
  • We will act in your best interest as your injury management doctor
  • We have the time and the credentials to act as a very strong advocate for you to your employer/ insurer in obtaining prompt approval for your investigations and treatments


Benefits for Employers

  • You deal with practitioners who are willing to communicate transparently
  • Practitioners who understand worker's compensation and injury management
  • We will treat your injured worker fairly & certify them with what capacity they have
  • We avoid LTI where possible
  • We are aware of costs. We avoid unnecessary investigations and treatment or providers who will over-service and under-deliver
  • We aim to reduce unnecessary disability
  • Proactive injury management and facilitation of connection to like-minded clinical providers
  • We do not advocate a cookie-cutter approach but rather offer meaningful, bespoke, individualised treatment plans geared towards high return on investment
  • We can help reduce on unnecessary time lost in travelling to and from appointments
  • We offer an extensive telehealth service


When managing injured workers at HPOM we will always endeavor to act fairly & objectively in their care. This is such that the affected individual will get the feeling that they truly are being looked after by specialists in this field rather than generalists dabbling in ''workcover''.

Workers, employers, insurers and other stakeholders can be confident in benefiting from the combined experience of in excess of 35 years of clinical experience in Occupational Medicine between the senior practitioners.

HPOM advises that employers intent on sending injured worker ideally should to advise that somebody is on their way (see booking details) so that we can endeavor to triage them and see that they are attended to as soon as possible with as little delay as practicable. This may, for instance, include sending them for x-ray prior to attendance at the clinic.

Unless determined by clinical need, injured workers are generally seen when a change in capacity is either possible or likely, rather than at pointless or random intervals. Each case needs individually tailored management which is why we avoid the scripted ''see you next week" approach and the maintenance of regular and transparent communication between stakeholders means that the clinical contacts tend to be productive thereby providing good value for all.

In terms of cost, we aim to provide quality service at an affordable price thereby avoiding unpleasant ''surprises" to employer/insurer.


Workplace Injury Management

One of our specialties at HPOM is Work Place Injury Management. We understand the urgency for an injured worker to be assessed and treated promptly and can assist your business in handling the administrative process in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner.

Our services include:

  • Pre-employment medical report
  • Injury treatment/certificate issue
  • Liaising with employers and insurance providers to achieve a complete injury management solution.


DOWNLOAD:  TELEMEDICINE - Information for Workers

DOWNLOAD:  TELEMEDICINE - Survey form for Workers



Q. Do you work as "company" Dr?

A. No. We are specialist Occupational Medicine practitioners experienced in the treatment of occupational/work and sports injuries. Your employer/insurer may refer to us as "the company doctor", but this is not accurate because we are not paid a salary for our role. We are renumerated on services delivered and usually paid by insurer. Doctors are obligated by our professional and ethical values to always put our patient first. When we do this, generally everybody benefits.

Q. What can I expect from a HPOM practitioner as my ''workers compensation" Dr (NTD)?

A. In our case, you can expect just treatment, respect for your privacy and best, evidence-based practice. We will advise investigation and/or referral based on clinical need rather than doing this for the sake of it. We will not avoid implementing necessary management measures if they are required, but by the same measure we will not unnecessarily waste employer/ insurer resources. We will seek to determine your "capacity''  for work rather than your incapacity. You must also understand that we have to provide information to the miscellaneous stakeholders to fulfill our role in the Workers Compensation process ( Click here for more information ) but will ensure you are included in this process where you wish or need to be. 

Do you deal with (primary) psychological work-related injuries?

Sometimes, depending on the scenario. These issues, in some cases, may be better dealt with by the regular GP of injured party, should they have a GP. 

Do you have x-ray facility on site.

No. If suspected that an x-ray may be required, it is advised to advise (see booking details) HPOM of this and the Dr will triage and determine whether an x-ray should be performed prior to review. Most x-rays are not urgent and can, in fact, be performed within 24-48 hours with splintage, pain relief provided in the meantime. Significant fractures of long bones usually fairly apparent and should be brought to hospital.

Do you deal with all kinds of work-related injuries?

Yes - but some injuries are more appropriate to be brought straight to a hospital or emergency facility (see below).

The following are more likely better to be brought to Emergency Department in first instance:

  • Widespread burns, inhalational burns, significant burns to hands, feet, face, genitalia.
  • Significant head injury with loss of consciousness.
  • Open or compound fracture or amputation of a part.
  • Significant eye injury (especially involving alkaline agents or penetrating injury).
  • Fall from a height (depending on manner and circumstances of fall, generally more than approximately 2 to 3 metres probably should have hospital review first).
  • Significant blunt or penetrating trauma to abdomen/ groin, thorax, head or neck.
  • Significant allergic response/anaphylaxis. Suspected venomous snake (or funnel web spider) bite.
  • Serious mental health problems with suicidality.

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