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Injury Management Consultants

At HPOM our injury management consultants (IMCs) assist insurers, employers, business owners, lawyers, injured workers and nominated treating doctors to find solutions to problems in complex return to work plans, workplace injury management and workers compensation.  

Injury Management Consultants assess the nature of the problem and attempt to mediate a solution.

Injury Management Consulting

Although HPOM focuses on preventing and minimising workplace injuries and health issues when they occur, we realise that WorkCover claims happen and are not always straightforward.

As specialists in workplace injury identification, treatment and management, we are able to use our extensive clinical experience and practitioner network to provide a bespoke workplace injury management consulting service. Using our years of medical knowledge and understanding of occupational injuries, our experienced IMC consultants are able to design and implement robust early claim and rehabilitation management strategies.

If you identify the need for an injury management consultation but do not believe it is necessary for the injury management consultant to talk with the injured worker, then you may request a file review.

Injury management consultants work in the NSW workers compensation system. They are facilitators who help overcome complex returning to work and injury management barriers in order to achieve the best possible outcome for workers.

COVID-19 update: SIRA has introduced a number of changes to help medical, allied health practitioners and injured people during the COVID-19 pandemic. These include:

We offer Telehealth services so that a treatment consultation can occur via video or over the telephone

Injury Management Consulting (IMC) FAQ's

Q. What does an Injury Management Consultant assessment include?

A. There are range services that may be provided by an Injury management consultant.

SIRA describes the services of an injury management consultant in terms of a three-step approach.

Step 1 The injury management consultant will:

  • review your medical and rehabilitation reports, as well as any other relevant documentation regarding your condition
  • discuss your medical condition and your recovery at/return to work with your nominated treating doctor
  • discuss your capacity for work and assist with overcoming any barriers that prevent you from upgrading.

Step 2 They may also:

  • examine you
  • talk to other treating health professionals (for example, your doctor or physiotherapist)
  • talk with your employer and/or approved workplace rehabilitation provider (if one is allocated to the claim) about the workplace and the type of work you do
  • consider whether the work options offered by your employer are consistent with your capacity for work
  • discuss the NSW workers compensation system with you to answer any questions you may have
  • visit your workplace.

Step 3 Then, the injury management consultant will:

  • write a report that can be provided to your doctor, insurer, employer & (on request) yourself..
  • You should ask your doctor to discuss the report with you.


What the Injury Management Consultant does not do:

The injury management consultant will not:

  • give the worker advice about how to treat their injury
  • arrange treatment for the worker
  • discuss liability or impairment.
  • take over your care from you regular doctor

Q. What is an Injury Management Consultant?

A. Injury Management Consultants (IMCs) are medical practitioners who are appointed by the State Insurance Regulatory Authority (SIRA). They have specialised skills in workplace injury and rehabilitation that can help you and your treating doctors plan your return to work.  

Q. Why have I been referred to an Injury Management Consultant?

A. Work-related injuries sometimes require complex negotiations between you, your nominated treating doctor, other treatment providers, your employer and the Insurer. The Injury Management Consultant will work together with everyone involved in your claim to help overcome any problems or difficulties associated with your return to work. They will also help to develop a clear plan around suitable duties and timings to make your return as safe and durable as possible. 

Q. How will an Injury Management Consultant assist me?

A. In order to fully understand your claim and develop the best return to work solution for your needs, the Injury Management Consultant may: 
  • Conduct a file review of your medical and rehabilitation reports provided by CMI. 
  • Examine you if you’ve been asked to attend an appointment. This is your opportunity to participate further in the development of your return to work plan. 
  • Talk with your employer or visit your workplace to gain an understanding of your role and other tasks that may be offered throughout your recovery to match your fitness for work. 
  • Talk to your treating doctor. They may also talk with other treatment providers, such as your physiotherapist, to discuss a treatment plan that will further, assist your return to work. 
  • Reach an agreement with your treating doctor about work that is suitable now and promote a plan to assist your final return to work goal. 
  • Provide a report outlining all of the above to your treating doctor and case manager.  

Q. What happens after I meet with the Injury Management Consultant?

A. The plan outlined to assist your return to work will be coordinated by your case manager once the report has been received. 

A copy of the Injury Management Consultant's report will be provided to you after a file review or face-to-face consultation. 

If there has been no agreement between your treating doctor and the Injury Management Consultant, your case manager will talk with you about what you should expect next. 

If you have any concerns before, during or after this assessment please contact your case manager who will discuss these concerns directly with you in an attempt to resolve them. 

Q.  How can WorkCover help you?

A. Our medical centre has approved medical specialists who can assess the degree of the temporary or permanent whole of person impairment (WPI) caused by workplace injuries.

Medical practitioners are responsible for the overall management of an injured worker's recovery, rehabilitation and return to work.

Q. How long does a WorkCover claim take?

A. WorkCover may take up to 20 business days to make a decision. If WorkCover is unable to make a decision within this time period, they will contact you verbally and in writing to advise why a decision cannot be made.

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