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Healthy Prospects Occupational Medicine (HPOM)

Healthy Prospects Occupational Medicine (HPOM) seeks to deliver optimal health outcomes to workers and their employers in Western Sydney & beyond!

Occupational medicine practitioners

About HPOM

WHERE WE ARE? Our specialist Occupational Health Medical services and Workplace Injury Management are conveniently located within minutes of multiple industrial precincts in the Western Sydney Employment Area, the Smithfield-Wetherill Park industrial zone & upcoming developments along the M7/M4 (M12 and other Western Sydney arterial infrastructure) and the Western Sydney Airport.

Virtual/ remote & telemedicine services (soon to be offered 24/7) are also offered for convenience and to avoid interruption to busy work schedules, also to extend care (in selected cases) beyond standard clinic opening hours.

WHO WE ARE? Experienced medical practitioners (Occupational Physicians, advanced trainees/ Registrars in Occupational Medicine & appropriately credentialed specialist General Practitioners) offering a comprehensive list of occupational health services with particular special interest in logistics, transport/distribution, manufacturing, fabrication & services industries. In this, they are supported by AHPs - Allied Health Partners (Physiotherapists & others) who specialise in these areas. 


WHY US? All practitioners at HPOM either work exclusively in Occupational Medicine or the discipline at least comprises the great majority of their workload such that clientele and workers/patients can be assured that they are being managed by seasoned professionals who bring the wealth of years of experience to their patients and clientele. 

Given that HPOM practitioners do not operate as regular "General Practitioners", this tends to minimise risk of interruption to booking schedules such that we can usually minimise wait times as we do not have to face the day to day (unpredictable and even life-threatening) medical emergencies that a GP might have to deal with in the typical Family Medical Centre environment.


WHAT IS OCCUPATIONAL MEDICINE?  Occupational medicine is focused on the treatment of work-related injuries and illnesses. An occupational health physician is a doctor who specialises in managing work-related conditions. Physicians trained in occupational medicine diagnose and treat work-related injuries much more effectively than most primary care physicians.

Occupational Medicine (or Occupational & Environmental Medicine) is a medical speciality that has its own Faculty under the Royal College of Physicians. There are some sub-disciplines within the speciality that tackle any of the broad range of challenges that can arise in the industrial/workplace healthcare setting.

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Occupational medicine practitioners specialise in:


1. The effects of work on health, and 2. The effects of health on work.


Apart from Occupational Medicine, a number of the doctors have experience and/or postgraduate qualifications in General Practice, Emergency Medicine, Sports & Exercise Medicine, Skin Cancer Medicine, Rural & Remote Medicine as well as having experience working in the mining sector, agricultural environments & construction industries.

Specific skills & services include, but are not confined to:

  1. Workplace injury management (including complex, multisite injury)
  2. Pre-employment Medicals
  3. Fitness for work assessment
  4. Periodic & Specialist Medicals (Rail, Trucksafe, Coal Board etc.)
  5. Knowledge of Workplace Health & Safety legislation
  6. Toxicology services
  7. Drug & Alcohol testing/ MRO services
  8. IMC services
  9. IME services
  10. Corporate wellness programmes
  11. Executive health checks
  12. Onsite services
  13. Telemedicine services.
  14. Assessment of Permanent Impairment (WPI).
  15. Aviation medicals / DAME services (from latter 2020).
  16. Early intervention injury management.
  17. Workplace vaccination programmes.

Apart from access to in-house physiotherapy and visiting specialists, we have access to a network of dependable and capable physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, radiological, surgical and other providers.

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