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Workcover GP's

Our doctors at HPOM have experience with WorkCover and occupational health issues. If you or your employee gets injured at work we have friendly & experienced WorkCover doctors who treat work-related injuries and can issue WorkCover - Certificates of Capacity. 

Please indicate to our reception staff that you have sustained a work-related injury in order to receive prompt treatment. Our doctors understand the significant costs both economically and emotionally that a work-related injury is to the employee and the employer. All patients will be treated to assist in the full recovery of work-related injuries.​

Our doctors can also complete your company's return to work plan for the employee and have the return to work plan emailed or faxed along with the WorkCover Medical Certificate. 

Workcover Consultations 

Our team has comprehensive knowledge of health expectations and conditions for all industries.

Our doctors understand the importance of communication and will communicate with the assigned return to work coordinator for the company via email, or via telephone in regards to your employee's injuries, the outcome of the consultation and appropriate return to work plan.  

If you need medical treatment or time off work because of an injury or illness sustained at your workplace, you need to fill in a WorkCover Claim Form and notify your employer of any injury or illness within 30 days of you becoming aware of it. 

If you are approved for WorkCover, all treatments related to your work-related injury will be covered if the treatment is given by an approved provider. 

When reporting to the insurance company about your work-related injury the nominated treating doctor is required to complete a WorkCover medical certificate. 

The Nominated Treating Doctor needs to certify that a worker is either fit to return to work or fit to return to certain types of work which in some instances may not be in the workers best interests. 

The Nominated Treating Doctor should ensure that you only return to work which is in accordance with your medical condition. 




Workcover FAQ's

Q. What is Workcover?

A. The WorkCover scheme was introduced to ensure the health and safety of employees. Under WorkCover, all employers need to comply with occupational health and safety, injury management, and workers’ compensation.

Employers are required by law to have WorkCover as an insurance policy against any accidents to their staff and employees. This also means that if you are employed as a contractor or as a PAYG worker, you are entitled to claim WorkCover for any type of work-related injury. 

Injuries don't just have to be physical, they can be psychological/psychiatric injuries such as stress and anxiety disorders. Injury can be from an accident, physical repetitiveness, or even because of long-term exposure to harmful noise levels, chemicals, or other hazardous materials. 

In some cases, WorkCover can be awarded from injuries incurred while travelling to or from work, on a break, or while working interstate, overseas, or even from home. However, these are best discussed with your Doctor and WorkCover case manager.

Q. Do I have to pay for WorkCover consultation?


A. You may have to pay for the first WorkCover consult, but this is reimbursed to you once your claim is approved. 

Your insurer will give you a WorkCover claim number and a case manager, you will need to provide these details to your doctor. 

Q. What is a nominated treating doctor?

A. A nominated treating doctor is a medical practitioner you nominate (normally your GP) to manage your recovery from injury and to assist in your safe recovery at/return to work.

Q. What steps do I need to take for WorkCover?

A. If you sustain a work-related injury, notify your employer, and speak to a doctor immediately for advice and a WorkCover certificate. You may have to pay for the first WorkCover consult, but this is reimbursed to you once your claim is approved. Your insurer will give you a WorkCover claim number and a case manager – you will need these details to your doctor.

Q. What is a WorkCover Certificate of Capacity?

A. Your WorkCover doctor completes the WorkCover certificate of capacity for you – this outlines the duties that you can/cannot perform at work and anything that can help your recovery. The WorkCover certificate of capacity is also used to communicate your WorkCover case with your insurer, employer, and other health professionals involved. 

The WorkCover Certificate of Capacity has to be updated by your nominated WorkCover doctor every 28 days – this means you should follow up with the same doctor for WorkCover appointments. 

If you or your employee gets injured at work our doctors can assess, treat and issue WorkCover NSW-Certificates of Capacity. 

Q.  How can WorkCover help you?

A. Our medical centre has approved medical specialists who can assess the degree of the temporary or permanent whole of person impairment (WPI) caused by workplace injuries.

Medical practitioners are responsible for the overall management of an injured worker's recovery, rehabilitation and return to work.

Q. How long does a WorkCover claim take?

A. WorkCover may take up to 20 business days to make a decision. If WorkCover is unable to make a decision within this time period, they will contact you verbally and in writing to advise why a decision cannot be made.
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