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Office Health and Safety

Posted By Dr. Denis MulKeen,
Offices are generally considered low-risk environments, however, there still remains the potential for injury and ill health that need to be managed. In the office, physical hazards may arise for...

Occupational Health Services

Posted By Dr. Denis MulKeen,
Employee health screening is a term used to describe a range of checks and tests that help identify risks to health and improve wellbeing among staff. As a healthcare provider, we aim to look...

Slips, Trips and Falls Prevention in the Workplace

Posted By Dr. Denis MulKeen ,
This post is to help those involved in warehousing and storage to reduce the number of injuries and cases of occupational ill-health. It contains simple advice that you should be able to apply to...

Occupational Health - FAQs

Posted By Dr. Denis MulKeen,
What is the purpose of Workers Compensation? Workers Compensation provides no-fault protection to workers and their employers following a work-related injury or illness. Workers compensation includes...

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